Wormy Apple Cores in Eggplant Jelly

Mr. Gobbledygook

Wormy Apple Cores in Eggplant Jelly – When Mr. Gobbledygook was young, he would visit his Grammy Elephant who had lots of apple trees in her back yard. When the apples fell to the ground, he loved to run through the orchard picking them up so Grammy could make his favorite dish…wormy apple cores! As he grew up, he also liked eggplant, so he asked Grammy to make his special apple core dish and add the eggplant. She created wormy apple cores in eggplant jelly. It was his most favorite dish ever! Do you like apples? I do! However, I prefer mine fresh and crisp or baked in a pie or dumplings. What’s your favorite apple dish? Would you add worms and eggplant jelly to your apples?