My travels through life as an educator, mother, wife and inspired author.




Along the way

As a child, I enjoyed creating stories to tell my classmates and friends. They were usually a bit silly and unrealistic. Like, falling down a flight of stairs and landing with my head in a bucket of paint. No way did that really happen, but it was fun to think about and made an entertaining story. As a parent, I would make up silly songs and stories to tell my children. So, while I put my storytelling on the back burner of my mind, I enjoyed life, loving my family and my gracious Lord. I have been very blessed throughout my life and even the rough and challenging times were turned into loving blessings. I continue to learn how to trust my Lord and place all my burdens in His hands.

I’ve had several careers in my life – law, education, newspaper publishing, life insurance and securities – and I’ve enjoyed all of them. I’ve met the most wonderful, joyful and dedicated people along the way. I am very blessed to have kept so many of them as dear friends!

During my career on a Board of Education in Maryland, my favorite responsibility was to get into the schools to meet, listen and chat with the students and teachers. On the elementary level, I loved reading to the classes. There is nothing better than having those beautiful young faces watching and listening to you read a new story. Their enthusiasm and laughter were the greatest joys!

Of course, reading to my own children and now to my grandchildren, the joy is beyond explanation. To be able to hold them close and read to them is incredible. They are my loving blessings!