Sour Fish Stew


Odessa’s grandfather, Oliver Ostrich – While Pappy-O was hosting his friends for dinner, he deserves to have his stew in this section. Pappy-O was known for making the very best Sour Fish Stew and it was one of Odessa’s favorite meals. When Odessa learned he was making the delicious stew for dinner, she quickly asked if she could eat with him. Pappy-O was very happy to invite the entire group to share his dinner because it had been a very long time since he had spent time with his friends and neighbors. Since his mother had taught him to cook many years ago, he always enjoyed putting his own spin on her recipes. He added the munster cheese to her recipe of two fish tails and sour pickles for the Sour Fish Stew. It made it even more delicious! Would you eat Sour Fish Stew?